Arlo is a large anthro dragon currently residing in the Ebony Claw Clan Village. He is an imposing figure and his silent and to-the-point demeanor can make people mistake him for having no humor. Arlo enjoys a good battle of wits and his humor is rather dry - bordering on insensitive. You need a thick skin to be around him and realize that despite any prodding and teasing, the dragon is very caring and nurturing when needed. He wears his opinions on his sleeves and is not shy to defend them, save for the sake of being polite. He loves a good fight and is one of the few warriors within the Ebony clan, devoting himself to personally protect their leader Yin in return for saving his life.

Origins Edit

Arlo hailed from Kah'Alune, part of what remained of the royal guard. He was a fiercely loyal warrior and one that was well known to not be trifled with and dedicated his life in service to do what the guard used to do - keep the peace and protect the weak as well as the crown. However, his dedication to his post lead him on a path to exposing a corrupt noble who in turn threatened his and his family's life. To keep his wife and young son safe, Arlo planned to hand off his evidence to a friend and flee the city. However, that night he came home to his house ransacked and his family slain. Having no time to mourn, he rushed back to his friend to warn him only to find them slain as well. Arlo was apprehended and framed for the murders and sent to the dungeons.

He broke out of jail and looked for support in catching and punishing those responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. Upon finding little to no help, he started a life of running and hiding, living amongst the beggars and homeless.

Arriving at Ebony Claw Clan Village Edit

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