"I'm Lord Commander Augustus Galius Of Earnwold Royal Guard and you will follow my orders."

Born to a farmer Augustus was of the lower class and treated as such, He helped his father with the hard work given to them to feed not only themselves but to sell and make coin to pay for taxes, Life was not easy and even hell for most of his younger life, Years later the small boy grew into a young man who dreamed of making a name for himself. To become something more then just a simple farmer son and so he join the military as a low ranking solider. Though at first he was not skilled in any fighting but he did have the heart to make himself become better, With this deep hunger for growth in his training he kept at it for a long time. Soon becoming skilled in both tactics and combat, Over the course of his life he went up the ranking latter soon becoming First Sergeant, He would then catch the eye of Lord Commander Lucius of Earnwold Royal Guard who has been watching men and women of both Guards and Solider's alike. The Lord Commander normally hand picks people who he see fit to become a Royal Guard to protect the royal family, And so with this Augustus would feel sick to his stomach when finding out that he was being watched by Lord Commander Lucius, Those who found out about this would normally act foolish or snobs but not the farmers son, Augustus treated those who did not make it like his brothers and sisters. Because he himself knew that no one was better then the other, Being treated like dirt most of ones life made him see that none should be treated as such and so Lord Commander Lucius would find this interesting and sent word to him for a meeting, Over the course of this conversation he would be told that being a Royal Guard was nothing to be bragging about, Matter of fact its a great sacrifice to serve such a group. Not only does the lives of the royal family rests in their hands but the stress along with it. Not knowing when someone or something could try and attack such royalty.

After this meeting he and a small group were picked to go under harsh and hellish training, He and his fellow recruits had to endure hell in order to wear the Royal Guard armor. He had to swim with his armor and equipment on along with combating criminals that were promised freedom if they could beat these recruits, Not many made it but Augustus did, Soon he had become a Royal Guard and kept close watch over the family and soon reached the age of getting grey hair, As time pasted so did the health of Lord Commander Lucius and with his struggling breath he would point Augustus and name him Lord Commander Earnwold Royal Guard, With a shock he would bow to Lucius and say the oaths that every Lord Commander had to take. Once that had been done The old Lord Commander passed away peacefully, Three days Augustus would not say a word while being inside The Lord Commanders Chambers, He would read notes that Lucius had left behind for the one to take his place, With this knowledge Augustus had become someone that he had dreamed to be but he knew that his life was not his own anymore... It belonged to the Royal Family and so he served them for years to come now having white hair and lacking in tolerance with people not doing their job, He has become more grumpy over the years and so his gaze would send a shiver down anyone spine if they failed to do something or acted out of line.

He might be old but Augustus still has his skills and adjusted his tactics with a sword. Being old was both good and bad because being alive for such a long time means he had wisdom but the downside was that his joints would be in pain all the time when having been on his feet to long. And so when he is not wearing the armor he wears light clothing and uses a cane to help him get around.


Augustus was once a charming and well respectful towards everyone as a young man, But now being old he has become more stressed and annoyed by everyone who was much younger, He hates people who act better then everyone else and those who think they know better. He only cares for the ones under his command and the Royal Family.

The Lord Commander Of The Royal Guard oath

I (Full Name) Shall not have any children as long as I live in order to keep the royal family safe for I am no longer a person to have children, I am a sword and shield to be used when I am called to serve the family. My life belongs to them and nothing more and if I die in duty then I have served my purpose in life, For this is the role I have been given as Lord Commander Of Earnwold Royal Guard.

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