Kamazuki Toshi Baruka Edit

Fourth born in the Baruka Pack, Kama was the most neglected of her litter as her mother would rather go off and do more important things such a exploring and abducting, which made her have no role model for how to be a Woman or a hound.

At age 6 she had enough with her mothers Simple pleasures, if she couldn't have it, nobody in her family would.

After the Murder of her mother she Stowed away on a boat till she arrived at Earnwold in 232 AT in which she lived in the sewer system until she had the guts to show herself to humanity.

Kama is not a savage beast like her kind, she is gentle, motherly and Kind to all living things unless Provoked.

In 416 she had settled down with a male Hell hound named Bane in which she gave birth to 2 healthy girl pups, This was also the time she adopted her 11 year old son Chase in which she is very Protective of.

Her abilities include her Mothers Charm, Her Fiery Temper, Her World destroying 'Hell's Supernova' and her Father's Werewolf Strength which she uses to strong arm anyone harming her loved ones.

After the Death of her Husband due to the hands of a Shadow Beast many years past until she met her Elder sister Deviant which she was overjoyed at meeting again.

During the Following years she Is currently Living Happily in Heaton with her family and her Date and Future Husband Rue.

Kama Has an unsaleable appetite for all things meat and is Capable of Killing Crocodiles with only her Fangs and Claws.

She is also an amazing Mother to any who are born from her womb.

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