Kamazuki Toshi Baruka Edit

Elder child in the Baruka Pack, Kama was the most neglected of her Family as her mother would rather go off and do more important things such a exploring and abducting, which made her have no role model for how to be a Woman or a hound.

At age 6 she had enough with her mothers Simple pleasures, if she couldn't have it, nobody in her family would in Which she would Murder her mother out of Anger shedding her blood without even a second thought

After the Murder of her mother she Stowed away on a boat till she arrived at Earnwold in 232 AT in which she lived in the sewer system until she had the guts to show herself to humanity.

Kama is not a savage beast like her kind, she is gentle, motherly and Kind to all living things unless Provoked.

In 416 she had settled down with a male Hell hound named Bane in which she gave birth to 2 healthy girl pups, This was also the time she adopted her 11 year old son Chase in which she is very Protective of.

Overtime she passed through many hardships. Losing pups and Husbands left and right. which caused her Severe Depression and mental instability, Until she met Jason.

Her Husband Jason is a Magical human Known as a Thaumaturge, a Man of many miracles and Magical spells such as Wards. she met him after he was busy studying her kind over a matter of days, she slowly fell for the man and eventually admitted her love for him causing them to get married after a year of them dating, in which they conceived Kama's fourth born son, Avery.

Her powers are very minimal as she has no magical attributes. though what she lacks in wisdom she makes up for in speed and power, she can envelope any part of her body and use one of many different Elemental attacks.

- Dragon's Fist: A Physical fire attack in which kama speaks in her second language Chinese in order to allow herself the fire power of an Asian Fire dragon. With enough time and power she punches through a Target Greatly stunning them or Burning them to the point of Death.

-Pheonix Talon: An attack that covers her claws in Flames hotter than the Surface of the sun, This allows her to break any Defence harder than Demonite itself. it takes time as it uses half of her energy to charge another time.

- Hell's Supernova: This Attack is a last resort and only if she knows she cannot defeat something stronger than herself. the attack is triggered by her body changing slowly from black to orange then orange to white her entire body covered in Hellish Fire capable of melting and killing anything within a 400m radius. This attack drains her of all energy in her body and causes her to pass out.