Kane is a centaur that stands at 10' high. He bears a battle ax, the make of which is unknown, and wears a helmet, not for protection, but so none can see his face. He is generally gruff with unexpected "guests" and prefers to be left alone. Kane comes from the Iron Mountains, (or so is presumed to be), where he left his family only as a boy, but for what reason was unknown. Hardly much is really known about Kane at all in fact. Most keep away from him when he isn't in business. And of his business he is typically a traveling meat merchant, with some of the rarest meats ever found. He goes from as far at Frostfell to Earnwold, and sometimes to the city of Ponton; He is also on occasion a hiring black smith.

As brutal and unforgiving as the Ice Trolls seem to most, he has found himself to get along well with them, but by no means was he to one take part in their games of sport, for even still as a friend of the Trolls, he knew better than to play on their grounds.Twice did he bear news to Tusk, the king of these Trolls, of his "banished" son. Some tails were pleasing to hear, but others rather frightening.

From what is said, Kane sound like a rogue, a "Strider" if you will, and indeed he is, for you will never see him settle in one place or another, but his primary "home" is Frostfell.

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