Personality Edit

Lomos is a nut job, through and through. He is prone to spontaneous bouts of flailing as well as incoherent ramblings. He does his best to be kind and understanding, but doesn't always succeed. He spends his time working toward recovering his forgotten past through rediscovery and strives toward slowing down his ailing mind, which is the main cause of his eccentricities. He holds the pursuit of knowledge to be amongst the highest of professions.

Attributes/Abilities/Conditions Edit

Physical Edit

At an approximate height of 6'5", not counting horns, and a broad chest at 17" wide, he is not the most intimidating in terms of size, but he still posses strength capable of moving objects up to and around 5 imperial tons(1120 lbs/5080kg).

His wings measure 15' tip to tip when fully extended and, at the widest, are 6' vertically, allowing him to carry up to 900 lbs(408kg) in flight.

Well versed in old fashioned pugilism and swordplay, but by no means an expert.

He has sustained major injuries to his knees, leading to occasional and persistent knee pain, requiring the use of his staff on such occasions.

Mental Edit

Lomos possesses a superior intellect and mental capacities, leading to a ability to quickly learn and process information. But with his underlying amnesia, he is only truly capable of retaining non-personal information beyond points of extreme amnesia.

He has a severe case of amnesia, leaving him unable to remember anything beyond approximately 300 years ago, and he also has a terrible memory, although it is uncertain if this is a related to his amnesia.

He fears the further loss of his memory.

He possesses a unique magic, deriving from knowledge itself. This brand of magic, dubbed "Scientia" by Lomos himself, is magic that specializes in high skill, low power magic. The main power source for Scientia is the transference of knowledge from one medium to another, be it written, verbal, or mental. But each transference only contributes a minor amount of magical power, limiting it to low powered spells in all but the most learned places (such as a university). Scientia magic is focused on branches of illusion and light, but also borrows from a multitude of schools, making it a truly interdisciplinary magic.

History Edit

Pre-Amnesia (Approximately 300 years to present day) Edit

Most of his past beyond this point is unknown, the only records being lost in his memory and locked away in his personal journal.

Post-Amnesia Edit

He came forward into his memory and the present world at The Tower of Broken Worlds. Since waking up, he has wandered the world, looking for clues to his past and has, for the most part with the exclusion of a brief naval excursion1, kept to himself and his goals. Only in the past few years has he taken a more permanent residence in the Fedorian capital of Earnwold.

Locations of Influence Edit

Tower of Broken Worlds Edit

His main base of operations.

Ponton, The City of Courts Edit

Location of his sizable bank account as well has legal representation.

Where he purchased the land that is and surrounding the Tower of Broken Worlds.

Earnwold Edit

Current place of residence

Location of his workshop.