"....Huh? " - Mitsuikurai Xeleimiurei.

Personality Edit

Mitsuikurai is an emotionally inept character, with a general personality about as inconsistent as his ailment. There are more than two, or even three ways about him. Since he is known to act sporadically, it is difficult for him to truly relate to anyone on a personal level, much less exercise sympathetic or empathetic qualities about himself. Externally, many would regard the kitsune as antisocial, unforgiving, extremely abrasive, and lacking congeniality. If anyone asked the kitsune himself to give a brief description of his attitude, he'd go as far as denying all of the above. - Realistically, he is shown to portray each extreme half of the spectrum, and each facet in between. His propensity to act or respond irrationally correlates directly to his circumstance of being partially afflicted, and created from a virus. Perhaps the most common personality he will display is being extremely shy and evasive- not because he lacks confidence, but because he simply does not possess the time or interest for engagement of any sort.

Visage Edit

Feral Edit

Originally, Mitsuikurai was birthed a tiny feral, presumably due to grow to the average size of any fox. As a kit, he was a few sizes smaller than a newly born kitten, which comparatively, is of an extremely meager size. He possessed snow-white fur, a fourth of an inch thick nearly all over his form- which gave him the aesthetic makings of, essentially, a cotton ball. As he grew older, his fur dimmed to a very dull grey, and remained that color. As for his eyes- originally he was born with two bright, golden-yellow eyes, which gradually changed over time. He also sported a single tail at birth. As he grew older, he adopted a darker fur color, and began to periodically sprout new tails every few years or so. His right eye seemed to dim, before eventually transforming into a violet-colored iris, while his left remained golden.


It wasn't until his later years that he attained an anthro form- and due to such, his anthro appearance is, and always has been the same; A lanky, excessively tall kitsune with a fairly sinewy muscular figure- leaving no perceivable areas of fat on him. His facial features are identical, rather narrow snout, a head of violet-lavender hair, just about shoulder-length at its longest point, and atop the oddly colored locks, a pair of two large ears, which tend to pivot and orient themselves appropriately to sound. His normal set of "clothes", which are actually just extensions of his viral peripheral, consist consist of a trench coat, which ends just below the knees, a dusky black with gold trimmings, and a raised collar. Beneath the coat, he wears a simple grey zip up, with golden trimmings of similar to his coat, and jeans that possess the exact same hue as the undershirt. As far as shoes go, he prefers boots, which inadvertently raises his height by an inch or two. The boots are a darker shade of grey, with golden trimmings as well.The kitsune also sports many accessories- some for style, and the others otherwise. A golden collar rests tightly around his neck, with a few gems engraved- violet in hue. He possesses especially hard waist armor, which is meant more-so to protect him from himself. The waist armor has a violet gem engraved as well. The kitsune also possesses a stubby golden lip piercing, and a single golden earpiece. A golden band adorns his upper left arm.

History/ Origins- (As it pertains to this world.) Edit

Mitsuikurai is an entity that literally arose from nowhere. There is absolutely no place of perceivable origin from the kitsune's memory, and if looked into, by any means, extensive or otherwise, the search would come up fruitless. Having only recently been confirmed to exist, the kitsune performs various gritty tasks, such as working as a hired assassin, among his usual antics- which include siphoning magical and genetic essence from other living things, as demanded by his instincts. Until needed, he remains covert, silent, and hidden from most others. The only notable instance in which the kitsune has concerned himself with the public was when intercepting a convoy, and killing many of its escorts and guards, stealing the money for himself. Currently, his whereabouts remain unknown, and unconfirmed.

Affiliations. Edit

Mitsuikurai Xeleimiurei affiliates and answers to himself...and Xeleimiurei on occasion. Anyone who attempts to control him through means he does not condone will be met with resistance and difficulties, as he hates being owned, labelled, Conversely, he is highly receptive to bribes, and just might make certain exceptions at the right price.

Intellect/Physical Complex Edit

Mitsuikurai was naturally born, a genetic failure- as his genes were attacked by an extremely rare virus that seemed to proliferate within his most base chromosomes, causing mutation, and excess formation of a multitude of things, physically, and mentally.

Mental/Physical Instability/ Dual thought process. Edit

Being born with a virus meant to overtake, and eventually seize control of his faculties and physical form, somehow, Mitsuikurai trumped the parasitic virus' advancements, and rather than dying, formed a symbiotic relationship with the reluctant entity mid-transformation. This resulted in a second, individual mind being created, a second nervous system, an extra layer of tightly compact muscle, and strengthened, and enhanced bones, along with the implicit enhancements. The kitsune also seemed to develop an excess of blood cells, which he's learned to channel through his form appropriately in time of need. Externally, he gained the aptitude to control his exterior at will, which is literally the physical manifestation of the virus- the only part of the virus others can perceive. Because of the improper fusion procedure, both the virus, as well as Mitsu cannot live without the other. The virus refers to itself as Xeleimiurei, hence the additional name to Mitsu's initial title. Xeleimiurei and Mitsuikurai are able to telepathically communicate, having initiated a complex system in which their brains, synchronize intent, nerve impulses, and informational transmissions. Each can think, act, and perceive independently of each other- making for a very confused Mitsuikurai in some instances, in which his thoughts are interrupted, or altered by Xeleimiurei.

This is the cause for his bipolar attitude in most cases.

Strain Classification. Edit

Xeleimiurei is a parasitic virus that occurs naturally in nature- though very rarely. On so rare an occasion in fact, that Mitsuikurai is the only known afflicted individual with this particular strain, and more than likely, the only individual that has and will ever achieve a symbiotic relationship with the virus. (Both Mitsu and Xeleimiurei are from the same world, and are just one of many viruses from said world)

Xeleimiurei, as indicative of its name is Strain-X a very powerful and ultimately lethal virus, with only Strains Y, and Z superior to it. More-over, Xeleimiurei's lethal aptitude comes not from it's ability to overtake its host. It's most lethal capabilities lies in its ability to rapidly change- as any virus does, however, more drastically, as well as the ability to sustain itself virtually in any environment.

The Strain-X, Xeleimiurei is classified more specifically as a "Gene-Void" virus, meaning that it's primary way of survival entails siphoning the literal essence of a person into its core- in Mitsu's case, absorption through his transmogrifying tails, and allowing it's base core to fuse with the genetics of said individual, which ultimately leads to the creation of a new sub-strain, or a new trait that it may then empower Mitsu with.

To put it simply....if Mitsuikurai were to possess a crippling weakness to fire, and just happened to absorb an individual with genes more resistant to fire than his own, Xeleimiurei would then create a sub-strain that offers better resistance to flames, which gradually increases overtime.

However, killing an individual is not the only way Mitsu may obtain a sample of or more of their core essence. Through physical contact, the kitsune or Xeleimiurei would be able to place a core fraction of Xeleimiurei into an individual, unbeknownst to the individual, which would then penetrate their superficial layers until it finds the core, and fusing with it. With this, Xeleimiurei instills an evolutionary inhibitor, preventing the core strain from evolving beyond a certain level- which is the point of creating another nervous system and brain, as it might eventually evolve to find a way to remove the inhibitor, and could potentially surpass Mitsu's own abilities. Through sensory means, when the core fraction has reach its apex evolution stage, Mitsuikurai will revisit the individual, and through harmless means, extricate the new sub-strain from the person. This could be initiated through a hug, or simply a pet. (Do not pet the Kitsune, feral or anthro.) Usually, this does not cause the victim any harm...aside from a fraction of their individuality.

Weapons/Skills/Abilities/ Important Accessories. Edit

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