Ender Dragon 2

Nada Senón a Morte

Ender Dragon 1

Nada Senón a Morte

Ender Dragon 3

Nada Senón a Morte

They're called the Nada Senón a Morte. They are the savage monsters that leave nothing but death in their wake. Never get close to them, follow them, or hunt them, because you will die. They are not fire breathers, but something only described as death-fog that never ceases to flow out of them. There is nothing that we yet know of that can tame these beasts, things either get eaten or simply shrivel up and die. No one knows where they came from, or why. We do know however, that they keep the remains of their kills as prizes like most dragons keep their gold treasures in the Dark Forest where they reside. They seem to take particular pride in slaying giants, perhaps becuase of the great size of the giants, it's well worth the effort. We don't know how to stop them, or even how to get to them. But if you can find a way...

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