Olfin is an Ogre, and a very short one at that. Some think him to be half Dwarf to be so short, but the truth is he's just deformed. His small size actually gave him a great gift in that he is much more broad as well as far stronger that an Ogre would normally be. Olfin makes out to be a very nasty Scrooge to deal with or even to be around.

He had lived all his life as a castaway from his brethren for the rumor of his Dwarven ancestors, and thus had had to fend for himself. His meal usually consisted of deer, sheep, birds, and the occasional goblin. Goblins where a particular treat to him, so much so that he wore them as a show if his prize.

Olfin stands at 5' tall, and bears with him a Dwarvish battle ax, also giving fuel to the thinking that he is indeed half Dwarf himself. It hardly comes time for him to swing his blade, for most are terrified at the mere sight of him. Though for as small as he is in height, his head is twice the size of the average man, and his arms the size of most men's legs, giving him a wide sense of presence. Only to add to that is the fact that his boots, shoulder plate, and ax are made of iron, making his a deadly path to cross.

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