Rigel (Rai-Jel) is a Princely Noble and Ruler of the land of Boreus. Rigel is also the Son of Maeliel, God of the Stars.

 Personality Edit

Rigel is generally a kind soul, He is noble, cares for others, humorous and acts responsible towards his noble duties. Rigel tends to hold firmly to his honorable and honest traits, never really lying even when it would not benefit him or a group.

Although, When Rigel uses his magic to revert his age to his 11 year old form his personality changes drastically. Once Rigel has changed forms, he obtains a more Sadistic personality serving as an opposite to his normal one. He tends to be much more prideful in this form, he also grows very egotistical and childish, yet he conceals these with a kind calm demeanor.

History Edit

Not much is known about his past. All that is known is that his mother seemed to die during his birth and that ever since he was born he was taken in by the village. His Divine Heritage was discovered a short while after his adoption by the previous village head. Who then also died mysteriously after the adoption took place, leaving Rigel to take up his responsibility as the head of Boreus..

Abilities and Skills Edit

Rigel is a gifted individual. He is capable of using Magic and was well taught in royal swordplay. Rigel can use a type of magic unique to his birthright, this magic is referred to by him as "Celestial Magic". This magic allow him to intone powerful spells that involve logic defying abilities such as creating effects that mimic stars themselves and other galactic phenomena on a rather small scale than the real thing, to changing his bodies ageing progress. Rigel is also expertly fluent in the ways of Light Magic, His form is a type of "Arcane" magic that is said to be very powerful when put to full use, This type of magic allows him to conjure light constructs and emit rays of light that have the power to heal himself as well as those around him.

He and Mohanaca made a pact that gave him his trademark crown in exchange for his heart and was suppose to give him a kingdom of his own to rule, in exchange for something of which Mohanaca did not specify at the time, after forming the pact Mohanaca then revealed to Rigel that she wanted his soul in exchange for the Kingdom. To this he retaliated and attempted to strike down Mohanaca, but she made quick work of him.. She took his heart and left him for what he thought was death, she then explained to him that since he did not forfeit his soul to her, the pact is left undone and therefore he Is not allowed to die until it has been seen through, with this she left him with a kind of "Immortality" . While Rigel is in this state of being, he can't die from most things that do not impact him on a spiritual level, such as blood-loss, dismemberment, starvation, Etc.