Shard was the first creation of The Necromancer, a Bone Golem that harbors any and every soul that he rents from a living body. But in order to keep a soul in his possession, he must have at lest one bone from the body that the soul lived in. Being the first and favorite creation of The Necromancer, Shard was given charge of everything The Necromancer owned. This all entailed the spirits of those The Necromancer took, all the Golems that he made for him, (which had locations all around the world), and even the ability to revive a soul from the Pit. Seldom was Shard's skill in necromancing used, though, on occasion, he was merciful.

There came a day when Shards master, (or considered father), had to leave on an errand for the Devil, and errand which he curiously never returned from. It had been several years until Shard set out to look for his master, who, unbeknownst to him, was now bound in Hell, only able to escape if Shard could find him.

Shard stands at a good 13' tall and turned out to be very clumsy because of all the odd skeletal structure. Even so however, he is incredibly strong and can move fast, able to out run a horse if he so wished. Unfortunately, he doesn't think things through like he should, and often gets himself in binds that only end up with broken bones. Even for being a demonic creature, he still does feel pain, though not very well, which causes him often to overexurt himself. The muscle strands that you see will reattached themselves at an incredible rate, but there isn't an infinite amount of it, so if you can survive long enough, you will win.

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