Summoners: Summoning is a Rare and Completed for of magic, requiering 3 of many things for it to work, the bond between summoning and the summoner, life force, and Will power. A summoners main focus if in battle is to be able to support allies and keep hold of their emotions. a summoning has will power which counters that of the summoners will power, the stronger the will power of the summoning, the harder it is to summon, the Bond is the duration of said summoning to it summoner, its like stanma, or Magic, where one person can use a set amount of magic before they run out of it. the greater the bond, the better as it means it will be able to stay in battle longer. Life force is basicly the life the summoning as before it dies, when a summoning dies, it leaves a thing behind called a Called a soul shard. a soul shard can be used in amplifying anothers magic based on their Properties, a Healer will be able to use a smaller Soul Shard to heal people better. Soul shards can be used to summon other summonings of stronger will power. (This is a work in progress, so be patient on this please)

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