Taffy, the light mage

Taffy Origins Edit

Taffy, originating from Heaton and trained at the brimstone academy, in a travelling mage for hire who specializes in the manipulation and control of light, being her primary source of power she uses this defensibly more often than for harm, but will defend herself when provoked. At 25 she is a master in her craft, and though she is powerful she possesses no moral code and will take work for clients regardless of their motives.

Her magic Edit

Taffy uses magic that controls and shapes the light around her. Capable of creating blinding flashes of bright light, shaping and forming items and weapons, and even draining the light from an area she has total control, but at a heightened cost. The more magic she uses in a single sitting the more light she drains from herself, and she has at times gone temporarily blind and even deprived herself of all senses for short periods of time, but this has not stopped her from honing her craft to near perfection.

Aided by the rings on her fingers and the unique broach on her robe she can amplify her magics temporarily, or channel through her rings for powerful effects, but these take the heaviest tole on her body and she rarely resorts to this

Her travels Edit

Taffy has traveled across both continents in her work, and made numerous friends, and twice as many enemies. Her name is permanently on watch in some major cities and she in wanted for heinous crimes in others, so she never tends to stay in one place for long, but she is a kind person who takes care of her friends when she learns to trust people.

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