Location Edit

The Tower is located in the far north, just south of Frosthammer Glacier.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Some say the tower was built by a lone, grieving man, striving to pierce the heavens and join his lost wife. Others say an ancient cult built the singular structure to surmise the soul of their savior. And yet more claim that it holds the very sky up, for it reaches well above the clouds an the range of the eyes of ordinary men. None truly know, for it's secrets lie deep with in and none bother to look.

Present day Edit

The Tower and it's surrounding lands are currently owned by Lord Lomos , and serve as his main base of operations across the land. It holds his massive library and his central workshops.

It is staffed by a small crew of researchers and scholars, hand picked by Lomos.

Internal Structure Edit

The tower itself is circumnavigated by a series of winding, spiral staircases that wrap around the outer wall, leading up the entirety of the tower. As of right now, only floors -7 to +20 are accessible, the remainder either being locked behind a massive door or entrapped in remains of the Frosthammer Glacier, magically hardened, respectively.

The 3 closest floors are commandeered for temporary housing and work floors as the remaining upper floors are excavated to reveal the extensive libraries.

The Door Edit

The Door is the secret of the Tower.

  • The Tower
  • The Entrance
  • The Door