"Let it burn." -Zevlin Edit

Personality and Behavior Edit

Zevlin, as he is called, is considered nothing but a 10' tall monster of molten rock. No one knows what he really is or where he came from, nor does he remember any of it. Zevlin is a very course and simply put man, but quick on the draw if you look at him oddly enough. When angered his reaction is very much like a volcano. Lava will begin the pour and fires start up here and there about him, so it's best not to speak out of turn.

Strength and Weakness Edit

Zevlin is not a master, but even so quite well experienced in many different form of fighting, because of his travels and sight seeing. This, on top of the fact that he bends flames to his will, makes him a deadly opponent, and a death sentence to most.

His greatest fear is underestimating his opponent, for as often as he has won a fight, losing is difficult for him to even imagine, much less cope with.

Backstory Edit

Throughout his life he was called a freak, an alien, a beast, and all sorts of things of the like. This put a heavy burden of shame on him, so heavy in fact that he unthinkingly killed the local blacksmith of Boreus, (for this is where he lived at the time), for teasing him like the rest. Seeing what he had done, he ran away, hoping never to be found again. From thence he was known as an outlaw for murder, and he only became more cruel than ever. Anyone that went to search for him never came back again.

With the many years he spent alone in the wild, he had learned of his ability of volcanic power, making fires pop up here and there, even to the extent of setting a town ablaze. Only once had he ever killed a whole town, and even then it was, (to him at least), only an accidental resulted by his foolish wrath.

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